Announcements: We're now re-stocked with beef, pork, and chicken. We'll be at the Atlanta Makers' Market December 10th from 4 to 8 PM.

About Our Farm

You should know how your meat and eggs are raised!

We think there's a better alternative to 'factory farm' produced meat and eggs.

Better in four important ways:

  1. Better for YOU - the consumer: naturally raised meat and eggs that are more nutrient dense and healthier for you.
  2. Better for the livestock: livestock are raised on pasture and free to indulge in their natural behaviors; all of their nutritional, environmental, and social needs are met -- eliminating the need for vaccinations, artificial parasite control, and antibiotics.
  3. Better for the land: management-intensive rotational grazing improves the forages by naturally improving the soil -- no herbicides nor pesticides are needed.
  4. Better for the environment: the repeated cycle of grazing and regrowth of the forages continuously removes carbon from the air and sequesters it in the soil in the form of fertile, organic matter.

Established in 2017 by Joe  and Sarah Thrash, Dutch Spring Farm is a family-owned, family-operated farm located near Atlanta, Texas.  All livestock are raised on pasture using natural and regenerative farming methods,  including low-stress livestock management techniques.  All livestock is processed and packaged at state or USDA inspected facilities in the northeast Texas area.  Meat is sealed and frozen for long-term storage and is marketed directly to the consumer.

Joe is a former engineer and Sarah is a former nurse. They bring attention to detail with an emphasis on health to their farm management in order to produce nourishing food raised with integrity that you can feed your family with confidence.  Dutch Spring Farm has an ‘open gate’ policy for customers who want to see how and where their meat is produced.

Featured Recipes

Featured Recipes